Versatile features

Our Notification Channel service is a platform where your organization’s malpractice reports can be collected and processed. The organization can use the channel to have a conversation with the whistleblower and to notify the whistleblower of any actions that have been taken. The notification channel is an easy and secure way to receive notifications, communicate with whistleblowers and to process notifications in a straightforward manner.

Key features

Anonymous reports

The person submitting a notification has the option of submitting it either completely anonymously or by revealing their own identity. Submitting notifications is simple, and data security and anonymity have been taken into account.

Whistleblowing-kanavan kautta voi jättää nimettömiä tai nimellisiä ilmoituksia organisaation toiminnasta.

Discussion with the whistleblower

After a notification has been sent, the processor and the whistleblower can continue to have a confidential discussion, if necessary, without revealing the identity of either party.

Ilmoituskanava on whistleblowing-järjestelmä väärinkäytösilmoitusten keräämiseen ja vuoropuheluun ilmoittajan kanssa.

Data security and data protection are crucial

In order to ensure the absolute confidentiality of the notifications, efforts have been made to strengthen the service’s data security both through technical data security solutions as well as through the careful planning of maintenance and administrative processes. The Finland Chamber of Commerce is responsible for all matters related the maintenance, management and development of the service. The Chamber of Commerce will never see the contents of any submitted notifications and will not collect any identifying information about whistleblowers.

Whistleblowing-ilmoituskanava vastaa Whistleblower-direktiivin vaatimuksiin.

Versatile notification form options

The channel can have one or more notification forms. Several forms are needed when, for example, notifications concerning different topics need to be directed to different people, or when different information is requested in different forms.

Ilmoituslomake voi olla lyhyt tai pitkä organisaation tarpeiden mukaisesti.

Suitable for organizations of all sizes

Thanks to its features, the Notification Channel service can be scaled to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Ominaisuuksiensa ansiosta Ilmoituskanava-palvelu soveltuu kaikenkokoisten organisaatioiden tarpeisiin.

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The whistleblower protection law requires organizations to provide a channel for reporting suspected malpractice. The Finland Chamber of Commerce’s Notification Channel service provides your organization with a cost-effective and effortless way to set up a channel.